When life gets demotivating.

Hi there! I'm come back. Unfortunately not with a cute, lovely, adorable post...
In this period I am VERY UNLUCKY!! FUCK! I think someone made an evil spell on me.
This is what it's happened until now:
  • I failed the admission test to study Japanese. So now I'm going to academy of art of Lecce that is so dirty, unconfortable, old, degraded. It's November and we still not have a model to draw. There are few students. And their capacity to draw it's very low. I don't feel spurred on to improve myself. It's all fucking shit. I do the same things that I done during my high school... 
  • They moved me in class with the worst teacher of anatomy in the academy. 
  • In my dorm room there isn't internet for me because the accademy of art in Italy isn't seen like a really university so isn't part of it. So I can't have the passcode for internet!! And Italy should being a capital of art!Oh yes.. FUCK!
Oh yes now you are thinking "ooh how you are melodramatic!" Oh yes until now.
  • My iphone fell down. It's all fucking broken. See!??!
  •  My mp3 don't turn on anymore. "-OH GOD WHY??-IT'S BROKEN!" FUCK FUCK FUCK!
  • The fucking plug of my computer it's broken. AGAIN! So I can't draw or make a new videos! I am so sorry about this! 
I think I'm wasting my time here and maybe the world is making this for let me know it.
There are remedies for the UNLUCKY? Please tell me yours. I really need it. 

Have a nice day full of fortune.

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