My first pair of circle lenses ♥

Hi there sorry for my absent, but now I am back! Yey! 
Today I'm gonna reviewing a pair of contact lenses, yes my first pair, that I really love! I think they're so cute!  I have wished for long to have a pair of them because my eyes are so brown and boring. So i bought them! Obviously it's not a normal pair of lenses! I bought a pair of circle lenses and THEY ARE PINK!OMFG I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM ♥ I am so exited  I got them from pinkyparadise! It's one of the most famous site of contact lenses and there are A LOT of super cute lenses! 
 I bought EOS candy pink circle lenses because I like them so much.  

Check it out! Are them so cute? OHHW YESS! They give to my eyes an anime look, so they are also perfect for cosplay. They have a good coverage and they blend perfectly with my natural eyes colour! Have a nice gradient looking. They are 1 year disposal type, have a 14,5 of diameter for give at the eyes a bigger look.

I think they're perfect with my lilac pastel hair! HAhah I feel like an unicorn! The lenses are pretty confortable but I don't know they're my first pair! I bought it on 26 December and I received it about on 16 Genuary I live in Italy and they're came from Malaysia, so it's ok. Oh about my hair colour I told you that I love change it often!hahaa

The past month they was pale mint green! My natural hair colour is dark brown and I dye it with my own! If you want a tutorial I will do it!   If you have some questions about the lenses or about how to dye hair, write a comment below! 

See you the next time! Have a nice day! 

♥ bye bye ♥


  1. you look so cute❤ these contacts and your hair are a perfect match ^0^y

  2. Those lenses are so cute and they look lovely on you!! ❤ And your hair colour is gorgeous too. I'm glad I've stumbled upon your blog :e

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