Hello there!  How are you? 
This post isn't nothing special. I just wanna share with you that I cutted my hair and made the fringe AGAIN! I cannot resist I do it every year, but I don't know if I like it or not! 
What do you think? Do you like fringe?

Every time I see Tsubasa, Eva, Dakota, Ayumi, Wendy, Andi and all the models you can see in Popteen or Egg megazine, I just can't resist and I cut my hair with the hope I'll look cute like them.
Because is soo cuuteee on them ♥

Are they the cutest girls ever?  
Yes, the majority of them are asian 
Asian girls are really the cutest ever. 

I'm not cute like them, but cute hairstyle can make you  look cuter ♥

Here's the result

That's all for today!
 If you can see my hair color is gone away. Next colour will be total pink hair!

So bye bye see you next time~


  1. Hi, Vero! :e
    Honestly whenever I think about growing my fringe... I too think about my favorite models who all have bangs, and I cut them back again :j
    Your fringe really suits you! You look adorable! Somehow I really like you with white hair, also XD

    - Abi from Kiwivanilla

  2. I like your blog.
    Maybe follow each other on Gfc and bloglovin?
    Let me know ☺ follow you then back.

    Xoxo Jenny

  3. You are so adorable!! Trust me :) I love your bangs and hair color as well it's like candy floss so cute!! I personally think that European / Caucasian makes the cutest gyaru. I've seen a lot on Instagram with some hairstyle and makeup I really thought they were Japanese gyaru models so don't say that ^^ everyone is pretty and cute in their own way :D

  4. @Misa Lee Oh thank you!:e Yes, you're right everyone is cute in their own way!Probably I'm just fascinated by Asian girls!:k

  5. you are too cute!!! I love your hair!!

    love, polly

  6. Looks very cute, I love Japanese culture too, xoxo.

  7. I love fringes! It always makes girls like 60% cuter!
    You look adorable!

    Joana from Who the Fuck is Chanel

  8. Beautiful and so cute >< i think you already cute :D luv ur hair!
    i follow you ^^

  9. nice blog! i really like your hail colour, how did you bleach it to get that white :)


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