Pink hair video tutorial~

Hi there! Wero deesu! ♥
Today I'm gonna share with you the video tutorial I made about pink hair!
 Sorry for my ugly root but I wanna make my hair grow!  Anyway I hope you'll enjoy it!
 I made a new youtube channel for beauty tutorials, reviews and vlogs... so ,if you want, subscribe!  

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This is the video.


Do you like pink hair? I am in love with them ♥
If you have any questions ask me in the comment box.

That's all for today~
♥ see you next time ♥
bye bye


  1. On my, I think I've never seen such a cute tutorial before :) the outcome is gorgeous :) Your blog is so lovely :)

  2. Its a lovely candy pink colour, I should of done this when I had blonde highlights, xoxo.

  3. quando ho letto "i'm italian and japan addicted " sono rimasta così O.O "non sono l'unica olèèèèèèèè " ahahah ti seguirò con molto piacere :3

  4. @Maryangel ChanOh che bello trovare persone con la tua stessa passione :f ti seguirò anche io :e

  5. Your blog layout is so adorable! Nice video :)

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

  6. loved the video, cute hair :)
    lets follow eachother! let me know and l will follow back :)



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