Some drawings ♥

Hello everyone!  With the academy of fine art I have a lot of things to do, so I am so sorry if I make post just rarely... Gomenne! 
Today I wanna show you some drawings I made in this period for an exam! Sorry for the quality of the photos  Lets get started 

This portrait is made with pencil on white paper. I used almost all shade of pencil I have got!

This is a drawing made with sanguine pencil on paper. 

I made this drawing with sepia pencil chalk. I have done to the paper like  a parchment look with sepia china. I think I like this ancient effect! 

Oh gosh this photo have really super bad quality  My professor took this drawing for himself! So I have just this photo... anyway I made this with watercolor colored pencil on black paper.

This is made with white pencil on black paper with a little amount of black for the details.

This is the same tecnique I used in the previous drawing.

This is sepia china on paper. I used some brushes and nib. 

I made this with black china, a nib for the details and watercolor masking for the bubbles.
So that's it! I hope you liked my drawings! 
See you next time.
Bye bye ♥


  1. Wow :o
    You are such an AMAZING artist! These are just the best thing I've ever seen!
    Also, you have a great blog, you certainly seem like a girl of many talents.
    I am now following you <3

    Joana from Who the Fuck is Chanel

  2. @Joana Ohw thank you so much! (T v T)


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