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Hello people! You probably don't even remember me and this blog if you followed me. It's been a really busy period, and it's really hard to believe that 2 years are gone since I posted something. I changed the blog template what do you think? The previous one was all pink and full of roses. Now .. sorry I tryed to keep everything white, basic and minimal but suddently I saw a scene from a movie and there was this 80's inspired thing about super Mario in the space and then i started drawing a landscape of Tokyo in pixels and it became the header. Yeah everything is not really minimal anymore!  Here's a screenshoot to remember!

During this two years nothing much has changed. My hair is not colorful anymore, now they're healthy and soft , but so terribly brown! Oh I also got white hair. I'm 23 and I feel like a granny.
Yes I'm 23 years old.  Oh let me show you my two previous birthday cake that I decorate !

Korilakkuma and Totoro 
Yes, I don't really want to grow up! This year I celebrated the Tanabata in my garden with my mom and my sister! We hung up the tanzaku on a lemon tree! It's been funny! The tree still very colorful since I didn't remove the tanzaku! 

The tanabata is a Japanese festival about Altair and Vega two stars in love separated by the milky way. They can meet just once a year when migrating birds create a bridge between the two!

In March I made a trip to London for my dad's birthday! I'll make a post about that! London is a magic place! Everything is really different from Italy! There were huge museums! And huge parks! So gorgeous! 

Oh on the 31 of December it snowed in my little city! And it was super surprising because it didn't snow since I was 10!

Well! See you in the next post! I hope!
Thank you for visiting!

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