#1 London

Hi guys! As I said in the previous post I went to London for my father's birthday in March. London is so beautiful! Compared to Italy there is an hour back and I was a little confused when I saw the clock!   It was the first time for me in an airplane! I was a little scared!
But I played tic tac toe and the hangman with my sister and my father and I don't know where the time's gone!

Oh and look at this cute little van!!  
When we arrived to London a friend of my father came to the airport to take us into the hotel, that had a very english style! We stayed in Balham!

Me and my sister ♥

The view during the night was very creepy! Haha I loved it! 

English windows are so cute.

After we woke up we had an english breakfast.. well my father did. Italians eat sweet things in the morning! And so I ate two croissants with jam! and there was fresh yellow daisies! So cute!

Then we finally went out to London!!   There was that typical english weather that I love! 

We went to Harrods that famous huge shop where the queen used to buy things before of the lovestory between Lady Diana and Dodi Fayed. There is even a statue of them. Harrods is just amazing, there's the world inside there!! 

There was food from all over the world, fashion brands, chocolate, tea, a lot of tea! Haha Then we went to visit the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben and the London Eye! We had a very short time!

At the end the weather became a little sunnier. During our trip we ate every meal at mcdonald basically! haha so I don't have anything nice or cute to show you!  That day was the birthday of my father so we bought a small cake and some candles in one of those shops always open during the night like a kombini. We didn't had the time to doing something different!

That day ended up this way. Going to London was one of the biggest dream of my father. I was very happy for him since he realized his dream. 

Well it's all for today, see you in the part two!! I hope you enjoyed! 


  1. I would LOVE to visit London.. it is on my to-do list ;)
    Happy Birthday to your dad :)
    THANK YOU so much for deciding to follow my blog.. it means so much to me :)
    You have the absolutely most adorable blog I have ever seen :)

  2. @shortylegsbeauty
    Thank you! Your blog in very interesting! And you are very kind! :d


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