When Marnie was there - 思い出のマーニー

Hi everybody! I hope you are good!

Today I finally saw 'Omoide No Marnie'. Yes, after a year is arrived in Italy in the cinemas. I wanted to see it so much since this is the last movie of the Studio Ghibli (for now).
I went into another city to watch it because it was not avaible in every cinemas.But I was very excited and I enjoyed seeing it a lot! The landscapes and the characters were amazing as usual in every details! I'm quite sure that you already know the Studio Ghibli, but if you don't I really suggest you to see some of they're animation movies, they're amazing. I don't want to make spoilers, but basically this is the story of a girl with asthma that goes in a place with fresh and pure air to heal herself and there, she met this blonde girl and something strange happens. It is a very interesting story that comes from the homonym book from Joan Gale Robinson. I can't wait to find the book and read it!!  I ate a lot of candies and oreos at the cinema! haha

If you watched it let me know what do you think !
That's all for today thanks for visiting 


  1. I started to see this movies and was good! But I need finish


  2. @Sakuranko Oh the end is amazing! :f you should finish it! :b

  3. This movie arrives Finland's cinemas not until October. Gaah, can't wait!! X3 I really want to see it!

  4. @Tiinyan :f I'm exited for youu! :e


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