#2 London: best museums ever!

Hello people of the web!I hope you are good! Today I'm going to show you some photos I made the second day I've been in London for my father's birthday! This is the post of the first part: #1 London . The second day we went seeing some museums and OH MY GOD. The museums in London are the best!! I am an art student, so you could guess how important was for me visiting museums! 

We took the metro! In London there are more lines than the one we have in Italy, but they're claustrophobics! The trains are smaller and fuller! I don't like them! But it is the faster way to move around the city! Compared to Italy the tickets are much more expensive! In Italy if you need to stay out all the day and you need the daily ticket it is only about 5 euro and you can go everywhere!In London the price was a thing around 13 pounds which are around 17 euro. JUST CRAZY!

We first went to the Victoria and Albert museum because the metro has a stop to go directly there! And that museum is simply one of the most amazing places I've ever seen!There are artworks from all over the world! It's just HUGE! The japanese section fascinated me so much! There were kimono, samurai's armour, katana and a lot of little objects! There are A LOT of copies of the most famous Italian and French artworks, the David included!

And oh my god this Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook! 
I have a lot of photos of the artworks but I don't want to annoy you too much! haha
The great thing about the museums of London is that they're free. In Italy you have to pay. To visit the Vatican Museum in Rome you must pay something like 15-25 euro, but you have a discount if you're an art student.

This is the courtyard of the museum. So beautiful!

London is very beautiful, every building, every spot is characteristic! There are a lot of fast food restaurant and some of them are even healty! That day we had our lunch at let's Eat, a very cozy place! I'm vegeterian and there were nice options even for me! I ate a vegan kebab! haha 

Then we went visiting the National History museum! It was huge, it was filled with dinosaurs and stuffed animals. It was a bit creepy but also very impressive! I've also touched a fossilized tree from thousands years ago! 

That evening we went to an Italian restaurant and we ate pizza. HAHA
That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed, see you in the next post! Bye! ♥


  1. Oh sweetie so wonderful pics
    Everything about London looks so fascinating
    Thanks for share wo wonderful pics
    {I hope someday visit many museum in London


  2. I always enjoy going to the V&A, since I live in london its really easy for me to get there lol.. When you went there, did you not have a disposable oyster card? If you get one of those, the journey shouldn't cost you any more than 5 pounds ^_^
    Looks like you had a great time though x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  3. @Minae Oh you are very lucky! I would like to live there! :e Thank you for your advice about the oyster card!


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