A new fresh start.

Here I am again. Hello everyone! This year it's been a weird period of my life.
I had to make several choises because I wasn't happy. I'm still not sure about it, but now I feel a little better. Now all I want is to focus all of my energy on doing what makes me happy. I really want to embrace my creativity and take care of myself, but at the same time, I need semplicity.
I need to get rid of things because I feel very overwhelmed by everything, that's why I changed the template of my blog using this one that's super simple.
Lately I've been throwing away a lot of stuff, and it was difficult for me because I really feel attached to things. They reminds me of moments of my life and people that were a part of it. I'm always afraid of forgetting memories so I always keep everything, but it is overwhelming because just the idea of loosing those useless objects drive my crazy. I need to stop being so materialistic. Sometimes I think about the things I've thrown away and have a llittle emotional break down. I don't want to be an hoarders tho! haha
Anyway, it's October now and that's amazing! October and November are my favourite months of the year and I joined Inktober ♡ so if you are interested in seeing my artworks I'll be posting some of them on my instagram and at the end of this challenge I'll make a video tour of my sketcbook!
Anyway how are you doing? What's up in your life? I missed blogging. You actually don't see much of it because I write a lot of entry that I don't post because they ended up being too personal, but I want to expose myself more! I don't want to keep everything in myself anymore! I'm sorry this post was a little weird, but I needed it. Thank you if you red this little thing ♡

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