Things I loved of September 2016.

I can't believe that Semptember is already over! I love when September comes because it means that autumn is really close ♥  and since I hate summer that's a good news for me.
September has been really emotionally stressful, but I've gone through that and now I hope that everything is going to be okay. Now I'm going to talk about all the things I loved the most!♥

Rainy days:
Rain is always been a thing I love. I don't know why, but for me it feels like the world is trying to hug me and comfort me and it makes me feel so much better and very happy. I always feel more creative and super cozy. In September it rained a lot and it's been so nice ♥

The observer's books:
I discovered these books in a video of Marzia cutiepie, she uses them as a decoration, but I was looking for books like those for years because they're tiny, but they fit a lot of informations .
These books are old, they don't make them anymore so when I noticed that they were already sold out on the website where she bought them I was so sad, but I looked on ebay and I found them in a second chance shop and it was the best day of September! Haha In the specific I bought the ones about botany. Lately I'm getting closer to botanical illustration and I find these books to be very useful and simply beautiful. I bought:

♥ the observer's book of house plants;

♥ the observer's book of wild flowers;

♥ the observer's book of garden flowers.

Liquid lipsticks:
Lately I've been so obsessed with liquid lipsticks,but I'm too poor to afford good ones so I looked on aliexpress and I found some limecrime knockoffs. They were holy cheap less than 2 dollars each, so I bought 6 of them and they're great! It says lipgloss on the box but they dry completely matt.
I'm sorry for the brand tho, because it is not nice to have someone that copies the things you create, but I'm just poor.

Erasable colored pencil:
I  was skeptical at first, but when I started using them I found out that they add a very nice touch to the drawing and it is nice to be able to sketch in colors! I enjoy using them!

I saw this movie for the first time ever in September it is a very old movie, but it is so funny and well made and Johnny Depp is so cool!I'm sure y'all already saw it, but if you haven't then watch it!
It's sad that in Italy they never broadcast it on television!
I also made a choker tribute using some beads! Haha

Valentina Lisitsa:
I love classical music and during September I spent many days listening to Valentina Lisitsta playing it on her youtube channel. She is so talented! And it helped me a lot with all the stress I was having.

That's it! Let me know your favourite stuff in the comments if you want!!
Thank you for stopping by.

♥ wero ♥

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