Favourites of November ♥

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Hello everyone!I love November. November is special because of all the christmas decorations around!( I love early christmas decorations) In my family we make the christmas tree on the 22nd of November every year while eating Italian treats called PETTOLE.

This is our christmas tree ♥

This month I've used watercolours a lot because I've bought a set of 24 half pans from Winsor and Newton and I love it! 

Recently I've started to try growing plants! And I failed twice. BUT this time I DID IT. I planted a bunch of calendula seeds and they grew and they still alive! Even tho I almost killed them!
They made me so happy ♥

In the month of November I've started to watch korean dramas for the first time and I've got a tremenduos addiction! I saw FOUR drama in a week: LUCKY ROMANCE, OH MY VENUS, BEAUTIFUL GONG SHIM and SHE WAS PRETTY. But after days in my dark room I decided to stop watching them for a while. But now I feel like the real world sucks even more...
BTW I saw them on viki and I love that website! I love seeing the comments of the people while I watch the episodes they make me laugh so much! It feels like watching drama with the bff. I don't know who you are, but I love you YOU MADE MY DAYS.

This is it! Bye bye ~

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