Favourites of November ♥

Hello everyone!I love November. November is special because of all the christmas decorations around!( I love early christmas decorations) In my family we make the christmas tree on the 22nd of November every year while eating Italian treats called PETTOLE.

This is our christmas tree ♥

This month I've used watercolours a lot because I've bought a set of 24 half pans from Winsor and Newton and I love it! 

Recently I've started to try growing plants! And I failed twice. BUT this time I DID IT. I planted a bunch of calendula seeds and they grew and they still alive! Even tho I almost killed them!
They made me so happy ♥

In the month of November I've started to watch korean dramas for the first time and I've got a tremenduos addiction! I saw FOUR drama in a week: LUCKY ROMANCE, OH MY VENUS, BEAUTIFUL GONG SHIM and SHE WAS PRETTY. But after days in my dark room I decided to stop watching them for a while. But now I feel like the real world sucks even more...
BTW I saw them on viki and I love that website! I love seeing the comments of the people while I watch the episodes they make me laugh so much! It feels like watching drama with the bff. I don't know who you are, but I love you YOU MADE MY DAYS.

This is it! Bye bye ~

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  1. Hello from a girl from Denmark. Randomly found your blog from your Youtube channel. Love your Christmas tree and your home looks so cozy! and yes it is not easy to accept the real world, when the world in shows and movies can seem much more amazing and interesting. I have learned that comparing in general only leads to unhappiness (unless comparing yourself or life with some people that are less fortunate than you). Being grateful for what I already have makes me a lot happier. Of course easier said than done, but practice makes perfect right? ;)


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