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Hello everyone! This is a post related to the video below about the art supplies that I am currently using and loving. I am going to share a more in deep explanation about how and why I am using and loving these materials so please enjoy! I hope you'll find this interesting and maybe helpful!

Let's start with the things I always keep in handy!
  1. I use these pvc free random erasers and I like them. It feels smooth to erase with and  they don't ruin the paper. 
  2. Maybe you are asking yourselves "why do you need a pencil sharpener if you don't have any pencils?" Well trust me, you'll never know if you are gonna need one.
  3. Kneaded erasers are very important for me they are very versatile! They can take the shape you want end erase little details with them. I mostly use them when i make charcoal drawings and when I use watercolours to lighten up the lines so they won't be as obvious under the transparent colours.
  4. The fude pen is a brush tip marker and it's very nice to work with it, you can get thin and thick lines with it so it's very convinient to have one.
  5. Bic pens, do i really need to explain why? Bics for life♥ 
  6. This is a fountain pen from Pilot. It's very cheap but it has a very nice extra fine nib. I use it for everything. Writing, sketching and outlining my drawings. If you see a black and white ink drawing of mine was probably inked with this pen. 
  7. This is a gel pen from Pilot, the lines are thin and nice i keep it in handy just in case the ink of the fountain pen ends.
  8. A white uniposca. Well this is useful to make light touches on paintings. I tried gel pens but I couldn't find a good one. This can produce a little thicker lines but it has way more coverage and since this is acrylic you can use it everywhere even to decorate stuff. 
  9. Those two are micron pigma from sakura. They are felt tip markers I use them in 0,05 and 0.1. I use them to ink illustration that I'm going to colour because these are waterproof almost on every kind of paper.
  10. Hero 448 is a really cheap fountain pen that I found on aliexpress. It has a medium nib, so I use it to draw thicker lines. Plus it's supercutee! I also have it in other colors. ahah
  11. This is a normal mechanical pencil in 0.5 . I prefer to use mechanical pencils because you don't need to sharpen ahah I am just lazy. I like dark lines so i have 2b leads in them.
  12. This is an eraser pen ideal to make fine details like hairs! I love it! It's like a mechanical pencil but with eraser inside of it.

I've always loved nibs and writing with them. Everytime i see some in vintage stores I buy them. But I won't talk about this since they are quite difficult to find. My favourite nib ever is a brouse nib, the number 66. I love it because it's very flexible. I suggest you to buy an universal nib holder so you can put all the nibs in it and save space.

These are extra things that everyone should have with them.
  1. This is a nail dotting tool and that's super useful to fold paper. Since my sketchbook if fullfilled with random pieces of paper I always bring it with me. 
  2. Scissors to cut things. Better if cute af ahah
  3. Cutter to cut the folds made with the dotting tool, to sharpen pencils and to stab enemies.

BRUSHES. Brushes are important of course, but not that important! Ahah I always buy cheap synthetic brushes because I ruin them very easily. Waterbrushes come in handy when you don't have water around. And the Chinese brushes are very useful for painting big areas and backgrounds with watercolours since they can hold a lot of water.

Charcoal is one of my favourite thing ever! I think it is so easy coming and relaxing to use. You can make sketches that look extrimely abstract and hyperealistic drawings if you want. Very versatile. I love it. You can see how I use charcoal here.
  1. The willow charcoal is a very light kind of charcoal that can easily be erased, so I use it to make the sketch of the drawing.
  2. White charcoal or white pastel pencil is very important for make the lighting if you are using toned paper. The effect is very nice. One of my favourites tecnique ever.
  3. Again the random pvc free eraser to erase big mistakes.
  4. Sandpaper blocks are made to make the point of charcoal smoother and pointier.
  5. Kneaded eraser is the most useful thing ever when you use charcoal. You can use it to get the lights, to make details, basically you draw with it.
  6. The pencil extender is so important omg. I always break the leads of the charcoal penciles while I try to sharpen them so I always end up with a super short piece of pencil. In this way I can still using it.
  7.  I use charcoal pencils to make the real drawing and the details. I don't have a favourite brand or something I use whatever I have. And I make those loong points with the cutter to get a bigger variety of lines.

These steadtler coloured erasable pencils are pretty random and not the best at all. I use them whenever I want to add some colors to my sketches. You can erase them more easily than normal coloured pencils, but not that perfectly like the col-erase from prismacolor. I like them anyway tho, since I use them just to do random sketching. They're are cute and also cheap. 

CarbOthello by stabilo is a line of pastels pencils. I don't use them by themseves. I only use them to intensify colours on my watercolor paintings or I make a watercolour base and then I use them on top of it to get that  airbrush effect. They are very pigmented and easily blendable, I would have liked them to be a little bit smoother, but it's not a big deal. They look new, but I used them a lot!

Watercolours are my favourite things ever. I tried a lot of brands and I can say that these watercolours are cheap but pretty damn good! They don't have nothing to envy to more expensive brands. I swear to god if you are starting to use watercolours don't buy cotman or whatever studio watercolours BUY THESE ONES. They are as cheap but a thousand times better.
Here's the list of colours I have. I choose these colours by myself. Almost all of them are made with one pigment and they are very lightfast. 
1. burnt umber 2. voronezhskaya black 3. payne's gray 4. indigo 5. indanthrene blue 6. ultramarine blue 7. royal blue 8. chromium oxide 9. green light 10. emeral green 11. english red 12. raw sienna 13. cadmium yellow 14. golden deep 15. titian red 16. ruby red 17. madder lake red light 18. carmine 19. magenta quinacridone 20. quinacridone lilac 

Winsor and Newton professional watercolours. The review is here. I mean what should I say about them. They are hella expensive and very pigmented and bright. They are very nice to work with and can produce a lot of interesting effects and patterns. This set came with 24 half pans. Unfortunately the prussian blue and the viridian green were so hard that they wouldn't release any color. I was very disappointed. I added some schmincke paints into this set. I can say that schminke watercolours are very smooth and creamy these ones instead are more sticky. But the schmincke ones are less pigmented and when the colors dry they becomes way lighter. But the schmincke watercolour box seems to be better in quality. I don't know. Here are the colours I have in this set:
1. burnt umber 2. raw umber 3. shmincke english red 4. burnt sienna 5. raw sienna 6. yellow ochre 7. lemon yellow 8. winsor yellow 9. aureoline 10. winsor orange 11. schmincke cadmium red light 12. winsor red 13. permanent alizarin crimson 14. chinese white 15. permanent rose 16. dioxazine violet 17. french ultramarine 18. french ultramarine green shade 19. winsor blue 20. cerulean blue 21. schmincke prussian blue 22. indigo 23. payne's gray 24. ivory black 25. schminke phtalo green 26. permanent sap green 27. olive green 

Yes, sometimes I try to make colors by myself using pigments. But I wouldn't trust them ahah
I am using the white I made a lot because it's made with titanium white so it has a lot of coverage! I love it! If you are interested I used these pigments to make these colours:
1. charcoal black 2. morellone 3. chrome orange 4. titanium white 5. ultramarine blu 6. emerald green

Ecolines are my favavourite watercolours ever. Sadly they are liquid so they are not very easy to bring around. The transparency of these watercolors is something epic. They are super bright and pigmented. Unfortunately I don't think that they are lightfast and there are no informations about the pigments and stuff like that. I deeply love them tho. They last forever you need a very little quantity. If they dry on the palette they can be rewetted. They can be rewetted also on the paper,sothey are not that permanent but I still love them so much!
1. golden ochre 2. magenta 3. pastel rose 4. deep ochre 5. brownish red 6. light ultramarine blue 7. prussian blue 8. bronze green 9. cold gray

These inks have a weird formula. They are waterproof like acrylics and after a while if you don't use them you'll have to shake them well because the binder divides itself from the pigments. 
Anyway the packagings are the cutest EVER. The white has a nice coverage, the metallics that i have are so beautiful! The black is normal.
1. silver 2. gold. 3. black indian ink. 4. white

I talked about this ink in the past. It is an ink for fountains pens that has and incredibly rich shade. It's crazy the way it looks! You have to try it! It is from Rohrer and Klingner in the shade emerald green.

This is a normal basic non waterproof ink for fountain pens. It has not anything special, just a basic black. I use it all the time in my fountain pen. It's fron staedtler.

This is masking fluid it's used to isolate parts that you don't want to stain with the colors. It works soo well! It is very liquid and I was used to thicker ones so I was like WTF. But after using it you'll understand why it is made in this way. You can use this masking fluid with brushes without ruining them and even with nibs!! So you can get very little details! I think that's amazing!

So here we are at the end of this post.I hope you found something useful!
Thank you for stopping by.
Bye bye

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