Sketchbook 20/09/2017 ~ 05/04/2017

Hi everyone! I finally finished my sketchbook. I don't know about you, but I always struggle finishing sketchbooks because after a while I stop liking the things I drew inside of it and in general I never finish drawings or paintings I can't help but getting bored of them. This is a thing I want to change tho. So here it is, my finished sketchbook. I made a video tour if you want to see all the drawings on the inside! And I also want to make a desclamer: This is a SKETCHbook so the drawings inside are sketches, ideas, prototypes, experiments. I tried to make them look nice, but they are what they are. So please be kind to me ♥

The sketchbook I used is from artway (studio) and it is a normal sketchbook in A5(my favourite size).
The paper is 170gsm acid free and it is SUUPER WHITE almost gray and very smooth. 
This sketchbook was quite versatile, but not the best really. It can handle watercolours, but the pages warp A LOT. The markers bleed through the page. Any other tecnique works great. The materials I most often used are: white nights watercolours, pentel black brush pen, pilot penmanship fountain pen, ecoline liquid watercolours, kohi-noor coloured pencils, white uniposca, winsor and newton black china ink and flying tiger markers.

I used this sketchbook during the inktober challenge and indeed there are a lot of ink drawings.

Since the markers bleed through and the watercolors warp this paper I couldn't draw on the left side of the pages so I glued on some drawings and paintings.

I also sticked here and there some poems and dried flowers.
Finishing a sketchbook is very satisfying and I really enjoyed it.
That's it see you soon.
bye bye


  1. Anonymous9/8/17

    I loved your drawings and the way you organised everything,you inspired me for my art. Thanks for sharing!

  2. u r so talented. I really love ur draws
    xoxo <3 <3


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